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Fantacy Faces - I want to put a smile on each kid's face, no matter what age!
Are you looking for a way to make your event special?  Whether it is a birthday party, a grand opening or anything in between, face painting can add that special touch.  Have you ever watched a child when they look in the mirror after they have had their face painted? This is that magical moment. Their eyes light up and they have a grin from ear to ear. Their smiles are worth a thousand words.  They become someone or something special and that moment will be an experience to remember.
If you are looking for something different, try GLITTER TATTOOS.  This is a fun way to express yourself without it being permanent. They last 3-4 days and are water resistant, so they are especially good for parties that include water activities. They are easy to care for and easily removed with a little alcohol. I have many designs to choose from.

Looking for something that lasts a little longer? Try Air-Brush. The designs last 3-5 days with simple care. They can be removed with a little rubbing alcohol. These are perfect for parties that include water activities.

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